It’s up to you but it’s best to choose something you are comfortable to lie down in, both on your back and front, and something which allows ease of movement as I may need to assess the movement of certain joints as part of the treatment.

You don’t have to remove any clothing to receive a treatment if you prefer not to, as treatment through clothing can be very effective. However most people prefer a treatment given with oils directly onto the skin as this can often give deeper and more relaxing results.

Under my Federation of Holistic Therapists’ Code of Conduct I will only ever ask for the minimum of clothing to be removed, necessary to deliver the treatment, and only ever with your full consent.

At all times you will be covered with a blanket, with only the part of your body receiving treatment actually being uncovered.

Except in the height of summer, some extra heating is used in the room to raise the temperature to what people generally describe as “warm”. This makes it more comfortable for you if you are removing layers, and for manh cases, warmth will also help the treatment, by relaxing stiff muscles.

FAQs 1 – What should I wear to a sports/remedial massage appointment?

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