Therapy room at Queen Street Consulting RoomsIn some ways a Sports or Remedial Massage is just like any other massage, including those in spas. You usually lie down on a treatment couch, you are covered in a blanket, the lighting is low, soft music plays and the ambience and aromas are relaxing. Similar techniques are used once the treatment gets underway.

But whilst a spa treatment aims to relax, Sports or Remedial Massage will hunt down and focus on areas of restriction, pain and poor function in your soft tissues.

This isn’t always entirely pain-free, though some people still fall asleep, and if it isn’t relaxing then the treatment won’t generally work.

And unlike a spa treatment, a bit more can be demanded of you. You may be asked to roll from your front to back, or onto your side. You may be asked to move your arms or legs in certain ways. I may move the treatment couch up and down during the session. You will often be asked to describe how something feels, and will be invited to ask questions. There is no requirement to talk all the time,  but equally some conversation is usually part of the treatment.

So, it’s not entirely like a spa treatment, because I am trying to achieve a different result – to ease your pain and restriction!


FAQs 5 – Is it like a Spa Treatment?

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