Massage dates back thousands of years, and is one of the most effective and safe forms of therapy. Since ancient times it has been used to ease pain and release tension, to bring about feelings of well-being and relaxation. As well as stimulating the muscular and nervous systems, massage can improve the circulation of blood and lymph and so have wider health benefits.

Sports Massage is a more recent development within the world of massage, which was borne out of the desire to use massage techniques to enhance the performance of top athletes in numerous sporting disciplines. Typically, compared to a salon massage (such as an Aromatherapy Massage or Swedish Massage), Sports Massage goes deeper and is more focused. When a Sports Massage Therapist finds a problem in the tissues, they won’t simply pass on, but will then focus their energies on addressing the issue they have uncovered.

A number of techniques are generally used in a Sports Massage, including the stroking and kneading motions of ancient massage, but also neuromuscular techniques to help persuade tight muscles to let go and relax, along with various stretching techniques.

A Sports Massage appointment always includes an initial assessment even for returning clients, and an aftercare reappraisal to discuss what has been achieved and what stretching or strengthening exercises are recommended.

You don’t have to be sporting to benefit from Sports Massage – very similar techniques are used in a Remedial Massage treatment.

So how can Sports Massage help someone who is physically active?

During training, small injuries inevitably occur as you build muscle strength or stamina. This is called Overuse Syndrome. Often such injuries are too small for you to notice, but if they are not addressed, they can become more significant problems, and could then impact on your training schedule. Sports Massage can not only identify small injuries but also provide treatment so your training can continue uninterrupted.

Around a big event, Sports Massage is used in the hours or couple of days beforehand, to prepare the body for the challenge ahead. This might be to help loosen key muscles for those needing flexibility (for example, a ballet dancer) but might be needed to tone up muscles ready for explosive action (for example, a hammer thrower).

And Sports Massage can be very helpful immediately after a big event, to help stretch out tired muscles and address areas of tension that have built up in the tissues during the competition.

I am trained and experienced in dealing with all these aspects of Sports Massage, to help you reach your full potential!