I could tell you til I am blue in the face that sports and remedial massage works, but it’s better to hear it direct from those people I have treated – or in one case below, a parent.

Susannah is a keen runner who decided to attempt a half-marathon and who first came to me for Sports Massage treatments during her training:

Gill needed just one session of Remedial Massage to sort out a problem that otherwise might have ruined a family holiday:

Sarah came to me in 2015 with her son Ted who had been suffering chronic pain in his shoulder for four years:

In 2011 our then nine year old son Ted was involved in a car accident, which resulted in Ted not being held by the car’s seat belt and experiencing severe whiplash and intermittent shoulder pain ever since. Over four years, three consultants had reviewed Ted’s shoulder and found nothing despite Ted continuing to experience pain. Ted is a keen cricketer and footballer player and endured a lot of pain after sport. We felt helpless. As a parent this was very difficult knowing that fundamentally something was wrong and seeing our son in pain and suffering, let alone what Ted was going through.

I spoke to Neil about Ted’s condition and Neil recommended an initial consultation to look at Ted’s shoulder. In the initial consultation, I was surprised how quickly we got through the fact finding to Neil thoroughly examining and working on Ted’s shoulder. From what we had discussed in our initial (pre-visit) chat Neil had already proactively started to identify possible causes and solutions. Through our first session Neil identified the source of the problem: the pectoralis minor muscle had appeared to go into spasm; this basically meant that Ted’s body protected itself by keeping the muscle tense and tight. This was a helpful response at the time of the accident but the muscle had become stuck and was no longer able to relax. It was amazing to see Neil work out this solution with his extensive understanding of anatomy. Neil began to release the tension in Ted’s shoulder. As a parent this was incredibly emotional, as for the first time in four years Ted’s shoulders appeared level again and for Ted the pain and tension was finally beginning to ease. It was positively overwhelming to know that Ted was getting the right treatment and more importantly for Ted to start feeling better was absolutely wonderful!

We are moving to a maintenance programme with Neil. This will give Ted ongoing support as and when needed, and to ensure his body does not revert back to this uncomfortable position.

I would thoroughly recommend Neil Smith. Neil’s therapy has made the most significant difference to our son’s recovery. It is great to see Ted enjoying his sport and more importantly not be in pain afterwards afterwards. Thank you.

These are just three stories, many more have been treated and had major benefits. All treatments are confidential and there is no pressure on anyone I treat to go public and post a review; the testimonials above were all unsolicited.